About Us

      Thank you for your time to share an exciting program and give your family the opportunity to be a part of ours. Our staff takes pride in customer service and the personal relationship that we have with all our students. We believe in offering programs that meet the needs of the community, provide quality instruction, and fair prices that everyone can afford.

      Our school strives to instill the basic life virtues of discipline, respect, integrity, and confidence. These qualities have been the foundation of the martial arts student since the beginning. The staff of Family Martial Arts Center helps reinforce each quality trait through “Leading by Example”. Our children of the future need positive role models that will set the right example. Our instructors make this the first priority.

      No martial arts school is complete without the proper credentials. Family Martial Arts Center is proud to be part of the Victory Taekwondo Chung Do Kwan Association. This organization provides our school and instructors with authentic certification from Korea and the World TaeKwonDo Federation. Along with credentials, this association also provides instruction and training to the black belt instructors so that we may continue to provide outstanding instruction to your family.

      When we opened this location in 2005 and the time came to choose a name, many parents/students made the comment that, “It’s like family here!” And so, our school name was chosen by the “Family” atmosphere we provide. It is our goal everyday to continue to make you feel like family. As you tour the school and meet the staff, feel free to ask any questions. We have an open-door policy and welcome your comments and ideas to make this great school even better! 

About our Staff


Senior Master Scott Wisneski & Head Instructor Elizabeth Wisneski

Scott and Elizabeth are the owners and managers of Family Martial Arts Center. This husband/wife team started a mission in 2005 to operate a successful martial arts school that joins people together like “Family”. Master Scott is a retired Police Officer from the Lakeland Police Department. Master Scott has filled positions as a Field Training Officer, Dive Team Officer, and a member of the LPD S.W.A.T. Team. Mrs. Elizabeth works full time at FMAC to manage the everyday operations of the afterschool and summer camp programs. Mrs. Elizabeth has become a second “Mom” to many of our students. Both Scott and Elizabeth have 3 daughters & 2 grandsons. They spend time camping, boating, and cruising to many ports of call. Besides Taekwondo, they also breed exotic reptiles and own a reptile store.


Primary Black Belt Masters & Instructors:

Tony Luckett – 6th Degree Master

Dee Valderrama – 6th Degree Master

Alex Negron – 5th Degree Master  

Kyle Horton – 5th Degree Master 

Robert Horton - 5th Degree Master 

Jennifer Canady – 4th Degree Master 

Seth Lail – 5th Degree Cadet Master 

Brooke Robinson – 4th Degree Cadet Master

MJ Shulnes – 4th Degree Cadet Master 

Zach Scott – 4th Degree Cadet Master

Katie Kruzlic – 4th Degree Cadet Master

Gabe Johnson – 3rd Degree Black Belt

Jessica Pittman – 2rd Degree Black Belt


This elite team of black belts has been training for a combined 75 years plus. Most of these instructors have started with Master Scott and have been personally groomed into the quality black belts that they are today. Many of the instructors are full time and have dedicated everyday of the week to teaching martial arts. Each black belt spends several hours a week teaching and training students for testing, tournaments, demos, or special events. Each black belt has earned national/international teaching credentials through Korea & the VTCDKA.


Adult & Teen Assistant Instructors

Family Martial Arts Center is made up of many adult/teen instructors that help in the everyday operation of the school. Without them, the quality of instruction would not meet level of near perfection that we strive for. Our assistants provide personal instruction to new students or students that may need extra help for an upcoming event. It is great to see that young teens can be a positive role model for the next generation of youth! If your dream is to learn martial arts and one day become an instructor, then you have found a new home here with “Family!”

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